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A Different, Hand Picked Selection Every Month

Here at 'Hook Me Up', we are as obsessed with lure fishing as anyone else, and with that in mind we go above and beyond to hand select every single item within the boxes, every single month! We choose baits and fishing tackle that will suit the time of year, and what you are likely to be targeting. That way you're not getting baits that will be no good to you until months down the line. When you get your subscription box , it will be stuffed with lures and end tackle ready for you to get out and use straight away!

All our boxes also offer around 10% discount off RRP, so not only are you getting a nice little surprise parcel every month, you're also saving money! On top of that, because we can uniquely offer individual baits rather than whole packs, which gives you the opportunity to discover your NEW favourite colour/size/style without buying multiple packs!

Boxes To Suit Every Budget

We have created three different tiers of subscription box, to suit every angler and budget. With the Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes, we can cater to everyone, ranging from the guy just dipping his toe in to the world of lure fishing, right the way up to the total lure nut who spends every waking second considering where his next lure purchase will be coming from!

We're Here And Ready To Help

'Hook Me Up' is run by actual anglers, for anglers, and with that in mind we aspire for this to be more than just another subscription box company! We want to create a community! So if you have any questions, queries or just need a few tips, get in touch and we will do our best to help you get out and catch more fish!!!

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"My monthly box couldn't have come at a better time! There are things in there that I would not normally buy, but now I'm mad keen to check out."

Ben. L

"I was not disappointed! Good selection, and a saving on the RRP! Fast shipping too! So recommend you get your orders in!"

Joe P.

"Great variation in lures and top brands! What's not to love?? Now have something to look forward to every single month"

Shaun T.

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