Kevin Cox 'Signature Series Box'

Kevin Cox 'Signature Series Box'

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We couldn't be more excited to bring you this 'Signature Series' box from Fox Rage's very own Kevin Cox!

Not only is Kev one of the true nice guys in the UK lure angling scene, he also knows how to catch a few!

Whether it be Pike, Perch or Zander, and from Stillwaters, Rivers and Canals, Kev knows how to catch them. As his tournament history and Team England selection is testament to!

Being incredibly true to Kevs own angling, and his ability to adapt to most situations, in this box you'll find a little bit of everything you'll need to target all manners of Predators, from every waterway imaginable.

We're sure this will be a HUGE success for all levels of lure anglers, be it new guys just looking to get out and get some bites, to the anglers looking to dip their toe in to competition scene and want a little insight in to what Kev would be fishing!